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What does your agency do?

What do Web UK Media do?We aim to offer a complete range of online business promotion, advertising and marketing solutions along with a whole host of related services to make us a one-stop-shop for our clients. As well as existing businesses, we have clients come to us who have a business idea but haven’t yet started trading and we aim to be able to offer everything a business needs from day 1, from branding and stationery through websites and marketing services, with the scaleability to meet the needs of a business or organisation as well on day 1 as 10 years down the line!

How much do your services cost?

How much do your services cost?As you will see from the snapshot of our services provided on this website, we offer a very wide-range of services and each one is bespoked/tailored to the specific needs of each client and so there isn’t a fixed ‘price list’ as such. The engagement of our services invariably begins with a face-to-face meeting, where possible, during which we get an understanding of what the client needs and the client gets an understanding of in what ways we can help. We will then put together a detailed proposal with costings – no hidden fees etc … we believe in 100% transparency at all stages of a project – for the client to consider which will hopefully form the basis of a long lasting business relationship as it has been with many of our current clients.

How long does it take to make a website design?

How long does it take to make a website design?This is a bit like ‘how long is a piece of string?’ in that we produce websites from a holding page to full e-commerce websites containing literally thousands of page and bespoke functionality … and everything in between. However, to get a rough ballpark figure on web design and builds, if we take an average 10-15 page brochure style website (all our website come with a content management system for user editing too)  – ie; pages of content as opposed to shopping cart functionality etc – then we usually operate/quote at 10 working days for a draft design, which will take the form of a graphic showing how we think your new home page will look so you get the look/feel of what we think will work for your business website, and once a client has fed back any tweaks they wish to make our usually build lead times are 6-8 weeks. However, at busy times and/or over holiday periods this can change slightly.

How does the web design process work?

How does the web design process work?We will discuss with a new client exactly what they are hoping to achieve with their proposed website – selling online, membership area etc – who is their target audience, who are their main competitors, what elements of websites do they like/not like and various other business and aesthetic questions so we get a good understanding of what is required. We then feed that to one of our website designers who will analyse the online market sector of the client along with using their wealth of knowledge and experience of pitching designs to prospective audiences online (age, gender, geographic location etc … all of which can have a bearing on styles, colours, layouts) to arrive at a layout and design thumbnail sketch from which to start piecing together a draft design.  The next step is to build-up a graphic design/representation of how the new website will look – once this is completed it is presented to the client for their feedback/critique: it’s not cast in stone as we design specifically for each customer from scratch so any element we include can be changed/removed as required.  Once the design is agreed by the client we proceed to build/code the ‘actual’ website based upon that design and liaise with the client on page content etc.

Where do you work?

Where do you work?Simply put, as a primarily online business we can work/provide our services anywhere in the world! However, we are based in Birmingham in the centre of England and the majority of our clients are from the Midlands region. Being based in Birmingham we are very well sited for access to the motorway network and railway network and so can travel to see clients quite easily as required throughout the Midlands. We do have clients in Ireland, Scotland and London too though so if our services sound of interest, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Where can I see your work?

Where can I see your work?We spent a considerable amount of time debating whether or not to put a ‘portfolio’ on our website but felt it wouldn’t truly represent our skills as a not inconsiderable amount of our work is sub-contracted to us from  number of large design houses and thus we can’t promote it ourselves. We have undertaken work for all sorts of organisations from UK airports to Premier League football clubs, international vehicle manufacturers, ferry companies, shopping centres, charities and businesses from every business sector imaginable … and of every size of organisation throughout the UK. However, rest assured that at an initial meeting we will be more than happy to share some information about previous projects akin to what is being proposed and show examples etc … and can provide references from current and past clients if desired too!

Would we be dealing with sales staff?

Would we be dealing with salesmen?Absolutely NOT!  we don’t employ any sales staff whatsoever, in actual fact, we don’t ever market the business as we get a constant stream of new clients from word of mouth/recommendations and from a number of large design houses who sub-contract their web work to us. Furthermore, from initial contact at our office you will be dealt with by one of our Directors, all of whom are experienced IT professionals, and they will be your point of contact and the people you will meet initially. Other than our Directors, you may also deal with one of our team (technical, design, social media etc) during a project but we try to keep this to a minimum so that you have one point of contact with whom you can build a relationship throughout your time as our client.

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