5 Free Marketing Tools That Will Enhance Your Strategy Instantly

5 Free Marketing Tools That Will Enhance Your Strategy Instantly

The importance of staying relevant in online marketing is imperative and understanding new and upcoming trends can be crucial to the development and success of your business. All of these musts are easily achieved with a few free marketing tools that could completely transform your marketing strategy and plan. We are sharing our top five free marketing tools that will enhance your strategy instantly. 



Facebook are constantly developing their insight and analytics tools. If your brand or business is using Facebook as a marketing platform, using insights can really assist you with understanding what content is working and what is not engaging so well. You can also see demographics and more specific information on your followers when you use Facebook ads, which again, is a great tool for not only enhancing your social media ad but also having a better understanding of your audience. 


Google has over 100 searches per second, so if there is something trending, google is going to know about it before it even peaks. It is great for optimising your keywords in content marketing to align with their analysis of what is top trending and monitor upcoming trends to be ahead of the crowd. 


Hootsuite is the ultimate social media marketing tool and is a must have for any social media marketer needing to schedule multiple amounts of content to multiple social media platforms including Instagram. You can use the free version or you can upgrade to use further marketing tools and analytics that can be connected to a multitude of accounts. 


When creating engaging infographics, branding logos, advertisements or any other content graphics, look no further than Canva. With hundreds of free designs, fonts and templates you really can create outstanding, eye catching graphics free of charge. The software is available online or you can download to iPhone and iPads for on the go use. 


Mail Chimp is an absolute must have for email marketing. Email marketing should be of high importance to your marketing strategy, as it is one of the most direct routes to engaging and connecting with your customers. Mail Chimp not only allows you to use templates, build mailing lists and create unique email campaigns for free, it also measures your email marketing analytics to give you accurate information that will enable you to optimise campaigns moving forward. 


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