Digital Marketing On A Low Budget

Digital Marketing On A Low Budget


It is safe to say that the more you spend on digital marketing strategies the quicker the results. However, if you’re on a tight budget it can be a slow burner, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not working for your business. It can be challenging and also quite intimidating for any small to medium business with a modest budget to grasp an understanding of the best route to take, without spending a fortune on marketing avenues that don’t work for your business. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to see results from digital marketing on a shoestring budget if you are willing to have patience and dedicate time to monitoring and strategising. 

Social media marketing

Social media is the most cost effective and, probably, most powerful online marketing tool you could use for your business. Building a brand identity and targeting your niche market has never been easier with geotagging and hash tagging that allows you to engage with individuals, communities and fellow business owners. It is hugely responsive and gives you a direct route to connecting with your customers. There are options to promote posts and advertise to your target marketing including extremely specific demographic options including age, sex, interests and locations. If you are trying to keep digital marketing costs down and don’t already have a reliable and consistent social media presence, developing that is imperative. We recommend having Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to really get the most out of your online presence and avenues of social media marketing. 


Following on from social media marketing, content marketing is another cost effective online marketing option that only enhances your platform. Customers can find your products with ease on your website, but why should they buy from you instead of another brand? Content is crucial to building your brands identity in a similar way to building a social media presence. Adding an area of your website that gives customers more than just a product shows that you, as a business, are interested in engaging their interest instead of just selling them a product. Creating shareable content that is relevant to your brands ethos and identity will encourage customers to share with family and friends.


Building an app for your business and your customers is another unique avenue that can have a great outcome if used wisely. This particular marketing route is one that requires extensive strategy that needs to provide unique and exclusive content if possible. There is an app for everything and there is no in between on whether your app will take off or not, it’s all or nothing. It is a worthy investment if you have an idea that gives your potential customers something that provides a unique experience.

Make Use Of Online Review Sites

This is something you may have never considered but is a great way to drive traffic to your site and give your customers more freedom to review with relevance. TripAdvisor and Reevoo are great review platforms that are used by millions of people daily. They are not only used to review but to discover trustworthy businesses and services that provide what they’re looking for. It also gives you the opportunity to publicly rectify any less than satisfactory reviews proving you’re willing to offer excellent customer service and come toa resolution with disgruntled customers.

Exclusive Incentives and Offers

Giving your customers exclusive offers and incentives is a great marketing technique that can be more cost effective than most marketing routes. Offering 15% off their first purchase if they sign up to your newsletter is an example of a great incentive because you and your customer mutually benefit. Social media giveaways are a really good way to sight growth, engagement and traffic without spending a lot of money too. For example to gain entry to win the giveaway the potential winner must follow your businesses social media platforms and share your post.

There are many ways to get your online marketing in shape without investing a lot of money but investing more time to strategise and analysing your current market. Patience is key and marketing strategies on a budget are not likely to give you the instant growth all businesses desire. Consistency and having a clear focus on your brand identity will really help to achieve your goals. 

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