Improving your PPC strategy in 2018

Improving your PPC strategy in 2018

Marketing methods are constantly evolving as technology develops and it is important for any business who take their digital marketing seriously to keep up with the times. PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is a hugely popular method of marketing and the reason for this? It works, but you have to be on top of being aware of the channels that your potential customers are using to purchase and discover new products.

Voice Search

Voice command devices are becoming extremely popular in the modern household. Both online giants, Google and Amazon have released their own smart speakers. Their popularity means you could mean you are missing out on some huge traffic and profits if you don’t ensure that your PPC copy is optimised for voice search. The most common requests on these devices are geographically based, so making sure your location is thorough in your copy is imperative to speaker success.

Google Customer Reviews

There is nothing that can make or break a business more than reviews. Your customer satisfaction rates are highly acknowledged by potential customers and neglecting your customers by not resolving an issue or responding to feedback can have a negative impact on your business. According to Google using text ads to promote your seller ratings can improve your click through by 10%.

Stand Out

Nobody likes the same old, so try to focus on what makes your brand and business unique and implement that into your PPC copy. PPC is one of the most competitive areas of digital marketing and focusing on what you bring to the table that others don’t will increase interest and curiosity in potential customers.

Optimise Your Ads For Mobile

Everyone has a smartphone and most people shop from it too. Optimising your ads for mobile is a no brainer in improving your PPC for 2018 and could assist you in seeing more growth in 2018. Mobile advertising has helped to increase the amount of internet click through by 22% in 2017. 

Monitor and Analyse

Changing your PPC strategy is pretty much redundant if you don’t monitor and analyse how those changes are effecting your site traffic. Setting yourself goals and establishing areas of focus are important in developing your marketing strategies.


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