SEO Secrets In Social Media Marketing

SEO Secrets In Social Media Marketing

Ever wondered how to use SEO in your social media marketing? Both SEO and social media are integrated and are used to build a presence, to build a brand and to develop an audience. The more effort you make in SEO, will reflect in your social media presence and vice versa. So, how can you use SEO to boost your social media profile and gain more attention?


Concentrating on growing your following can be really beneficial and be a significant influence on your SEO rankings. However, don’t be fooled, the quality of your followers is imperative to the success of your SEO, and buying followers will do absolutely nothing for your ranking. A large, organic reach is favourable and with the right social media management, relatively easy to possess if you exercise patience with it.



Consistency is key and when it comes to SEO and social media, they both thrive on consistency. If possible make sure that your social media handles/usernames are the same on every platform and make sure you are posting content on a regular basis. 


Creating shareable content can make a massive positive impact on your SEO rankings and can really help to build links. Having more quality sites linking to your website, inbound is important and if you are linking outbound  to quality websites the more authoritative Google determines your website to be. 


Using keywords isn’t just for your on-page website, and you can really giving your SEO a boost by focusing some keywords into your social media content too. If you are familiar with what keywords work for your business website, implement them into your bio, information and content to see good results. 


Any good social media manager will know that any content with out visuals on social media are a lot less likely to do well and attract attention. Ensure that with any content you schedule or post that you use imagery to entice people in and make sure you are using imagery appropriate to your content. Don’t set up your audience for disappointment, ensure the content and imagery is equally relevant to the landing page that you are sending them too, you could seriously damage your bounce rate if you don’t get this right. 

Social media and SEO are two areas of marketing that are constantly changing so it is important to pay close attention to them both on a very regular basis. Paying close attention and familiarising yourself with how both can work hand in hand, taking that extra time to focus your marketing on these two elements can create rapid success for your business. 




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