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Social Media marketing trends for 2017

Social Media Marketing Trends To Follow

Social Media is ever evolving and exceeding users’ expectations so that it’s so hard to keep up.

We feel we have spent most of this year with our noses glued to a screen or monitor of some sort – from waiting for Facebook to load on a pc to Netflix and chilling out reading Kindle on a smart tab, such growth has allowed social media to explode.

Here are a few social media trends to take note of as we approach 2017.

The Rise of Snap! Formerly “SnapChat”

This year without a doubt has been Snap’s year. It has experienced amazing growth and that growth has raised the bar for user expectations from social media.

A demand for more live content has pushed Facebook and Instagram to add new features to its services as well. Snap is moving to develop new tech outside of its social media app. It has introduced real-world glasses that help capture first-person visuals.

The Decline of Twitter Will Continue

Twitter has not managed to get out of its slump. Users are starting to crave different and deeper experiences. To many people Twitter still feels very ‘one dimensional’ and they are slowly moving away to other social media platforms.

To combat this Twitter will need to pull something exceptional out of the bag fast!

A Higher Demand for Vicarious Experiences

Users want to be involved more in the lives of the people they follow. They don’t just want one picture they want to experience it live with you, walk with you, see with you.

Live video, 360 images / video and real time posting allow you to do some amazing things to keep audiences captivated and feeling somewhat a part of your experience.

Facebook have responded to this demand with Facebook livestreams, where viewers can interact with the person delivering the video, so it’s a two way conversation rather than just one way.

That is the name of the game for 2017 – Interaction.

Social media will continue to evolve and finds ways to allow people to feel even more connected. Marketers need to get on board with the idea of interaction and 2 way communication or get left behind!

Increase In online Ads and competition

Social Platforms provide the opportunity for advertisers to reach the individual in the home, the office and place of play.

The competition is so intense that it continues to lead to new innovative ways of reaching customers.

For example did you know that you can now advertise on Instagram or pay to promote your pins on Pinterest!

If social media marketing leaves your head in a spin give us a call today! 

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