What is Content Marketing?

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What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is creating valuable content that your customers and prospects will find useful, in the form of articles, copy on your websites, downloadables, ebooks, info graphs, blogs, videos and so on.

Content marketing is about educating your lead and providing valuable information that solves a problem for them. It’s about sharing those stories and images that create an informed consumer and ignites a desire for your product or services.

Traditional marketing is ‘broadcasting’ – Telling people about your products or services. Traditional marketing is ‘advertising’ your product or service without necessarily adding any value for free. Traditional marketing is about promoting your business, but it’s less about your prospect and their needs.

Traditional ‘advertising’ style marketing is fast becoming antiquated. In a fast moving online world where people crave more connection, if you rely solely on the broadcasting style of marketing alone your business will begin to suffer.

Content marketing builds a relationship with your target audience and current customers that will keep them coming back to you again and again because you are providing value for free.


A Content Marketing Scenario

Now that you know what content marketing is, here is how it could look in practice.

A small local spa business starts to use content marketing.


What does this look like?

Instead of just advertising when they are offering discounts on their services or adding a new product or service, they start talking about spa-related topics on their website or blog.

For example they might create a blog post called ‘How to Combat Dry Skin in the Winter’ or ‘How to Reduce Stress with a Home Pampering Session’ and then they share that content across social media channels. 



So that they can become the ‘go to’ resource for their target audience and build a relationship with their prospects. This makes them much more likely to become customers in the future.

It is important to know where your target audience goes for their information. Do they search the web? Do they search Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Do they subscribe to company email lists? What words and phrases do they search for? 

You want to use content marketing wherever your potential customers are searching for your products or services, so that when they are looking for a solution, you pop up!

The spa starts surveying their customers to learn how they found out about them. Word of mouth? Saw their storefront in the neighbourhood? Searched the web? Looked on social media?

The spa learns that most of their customers found them on Facebook and found their website when searching for spas in their town. Ok! Now the spa knows where to focus their content marketing efforts – This is valuable insight.

During the next few weeks, the spa has receives more calls for massage appointments than they have during the previous months. This might be because they shared content and taught their Facebook followers about the benefits of massage.

The spa would also like to book more manicure business. They start to share content (in the form of articles on their website & Facebook page) about the latest trends in nail design and safety tips to look for when choosing a good manicurist.

Now their manicure customers increase too.

This is the power of content marketing.


How to Start Content Marketing

Often businesses hit a block with content marketing because they don’t know where to start!

That is where we come in. We can handle this aspect of your marketing for you!

We get to know your business and your target market, then we research where your customers are and the type of problems they are having.

We do keyword research to find out what your customers are typing into the search engines, then we optimise your website for SEO and create content that means your business will pop up in front of the prospect when they type their search into Google.

Essentially your business, product or service is the solution they are seeking.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss content marketing further. … it pays to be ahead of the game!

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