What’s coming up for Content Marketing in 2017?

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Content Marketing in 2017

What’s coming up for Content Marketing in 2017?

The end of 2016 is nearly here. It’s time to create marketing budgets for 2017 – To draft, agree and approve them.

Here are a few of the latest trends to include in your marketing strategy for 2017.





Because a story that is well-told will hold people’s attention and help them understand a brand’s “why”. Once people understand a business’ “why” then they will support them in the form of buying their product.

You can see this in action with Apple’s marketing. Notice they tell a story about their product and how it changes lives. They talk about what they believe in, rather than just talking about their projects. Nike is another great example of using storytelling to market successfully.

Another reason storytelling is so popular is because people are tired of being interrupted by advertising. Millennials are particularly turned off by the typical advertising mantra of brands saying they are the biggest, brightest, and the best. The younger generations are seeing that some brands have proven that can’t deliver on such promises.

The way for brands to come across as real, personable and trustworthy is to bring their prospects along by telling them a story.


Live Stream Video



Because people want content that feels authentic. Nothing is more authentic than live video where you see and connect to the person or company. 

Technology has improved so much that video marketing is not only popular, but easier than it has ever been. An explosion of webinars, silent video, explainer videos, animation, 360 degree video, and of course, live video, is all possible because of the advances in technology.

Live video is a popular for marketers for a few reasons – Ease-of-use, low cost, and peer-pressure from platforms. When a new medium is introduced that is easy-to-use and practically free, there will be a lot of early adopters.

Your potential customers love it because it offers more connection and saves them time (it’s easier and more interesting to watch a video than read a long article).

When a platform wants a new medium to become popular, such as Facebook and live video, then the peer-pressure starts. Facebook offered the incentive that if users post live video that their content will be featured in more feeds. So not only do you want to be one of the cool kids that use the last medium, but you will be rewarded by the platform. Hmmm, sounds like a win-win.

Surveys show that video marketing is highly effective. Major brands have started to use it to launch products. Media companies use live video to cover live events.


Virtual Reality



It combines storytelling and the authenticity of live video to create an experience with a brand that has people remembering 80 percent more information than traditional marketing.

Virtual Reality is not only the current “cool kid” in marketing but it is also being called the “empathy machine”. When someone experiences a brand through virtual reality, they are put inside the story that the brand has to tell. Currently ads are talking “at” people. Virtual reality is a definite game changer in this realm.

It’s true that virtual reality currently costs more than traditional marketing. However, the experience has a much greater value and could therefore be worth the investment for some businesses.

Wherever you are with your marketing and whatever you marketing budget is, you will be able to use some of the principles above to make your campaigns a success.

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