Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Instant online advertising

Targeting Your Customer Base and Bringing Them To Your Business

Cost effective and accountable online advertising

PPC Instant Marketing

Instant: Search engines can take several days, even weeks, to index a new website or acknowledge changes to an existing website. With PPC your links will appear immediately and thus your website will begin to receive visitor traffic.

PPC Advertising Specificity

Specific: You can be very specific as to what you advertise with PPC. As opposed to general marketing you may have a new product or service and you can set your PPC ad to link directly to that page or product of your website.

Targetted PPC Campaigns

Targetted: You can set a number of parameters to define exactly who gets to see them. For example, you may wish them to only display in the evening to people in a particular region of the UK – with PPC you can set such parameters.

Cost Effective PPC Advertising

Cost-Effective: You only pay a small amount every time someone clicks on your ad (the precise cost-per-click is based upon the competition for the phrases or words you wish to trigger your ad when someone enters it/them into the search engine).

Pay Per Click advertising, the most prominent channel nowadays being Google AdWords, can be a very easy to implement, cost effective and accountable method of advertising. In short, when you perform a search on Google you will see the main search results but immediately above and to the right of them, as in our example to the right, you will be seeing PPC Ads served from Google’s AdWords program in response to the search terms you entered. The ‘pay-per-click’ element is that if you click on one of these Ads, which takes you to the website of the advertiser, the advertiser is charged a small amount for the ‘referral’.

Pa-Per-Click Advertising Campaign Management

So how do we set up your PPC campaign or improve upon your existing campaigns?

Firstly, we undertake a thorough keyword analysis project using our specialist software tools that can help uncover many new keywords that searchers are currently using use to find products or services such as yours. We then compose, analyse and test your ads.

Our experienced team know exactly how to write ads that convert into clicks, and also how to improve your target pages to convert more of these clicks into leads or sales. We continuously monitor and tweak your ads and campaigns to ensure you receive the highest quality of leads to your website so our clients can just focus on running their business and dealing with the orders and enquiries the PPC campaign generates.

The continuous monitoring and adjusting of campaigns is essential as, over time, we identify negative keywords and block them from triggering your ads (for example, if you sell tables, you don’t want your ad being clicked-on when someone is searching for the football league tables!) making your campaign increasingly tighter focused and increasing your ROI.

Pay-per-click advertising is becoming increasingly standard as a means of targeting your customer base and bringing them to your website to engage with he products and services you have to offer and with many years of experience in PPC advertising we can manage the whole process for our clients.