Social Media Marketing

Engaging and developing an audience

Taking The Hassle Out Of Your Social Media Marketing

Engaging with your potential customer base

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

300 million active business users – 172800 new users per day – 3 million business pages.

Twitter Social Media Marketing

255 million active users – 500 million Tweets per day – 200 average followers per user.

Facebook Social Media Marketing

1,310,000,000 million active users – 72 million links shared per day – 26% of users click on shares.

Google Plus Social Media Marketing

540 million active users – accounts for 38% of all social account logins – integrates with Google services.

In terms of marketing a business, social media is increasingly becoming an essential tool for growing an audience. Not only does having an account for your business allow people to follow your posts, but, for example, the average Facebook user has 130 friends so when you post an item about a product or service you provide, the person following you receives it . . . as do their 130 friends . . . as do the 130 friends of those 130 friends etc. This viral approach to marketing is incredibly powerful in quickly growing a large audience for your products and/or services.

Social Media Management & Marketing

In addition to this, key to growing an online business is customer retention and prompting previous customers to revisit your website – particularly if a new product or service is being promoted – and once someone is following your social media feed they will return if a post sufficiently engages them.

Furthermore, search engines – and in particular Google – are increasingly concerned with ‘social signals’ when it comes to calculating where your website appears in the search engine listings. Increased visibility online for your business will yield better results when people search for the products and/or services your business offers.

Whilst Facebook and Twitter are the best known of the social media services, there are many more that search engines acknowledge and can provide a powerful boost to your rankings and audience. Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr and social bookmaking services such as Digg and StumbleUpon also have considerable impact.

However, the key to utilising these services is coordinating your approach and providing regular updates across all services targeted at specific phrases, keywords and service.

Of course, this can be a very time-consuming occupation and if not done as part of a concerted program will waste time and effort by yielding little result but at Web UK Media we are specialists in social media marketing, engaging and developing an audience with various programs of social media propagation. We create the social media accounts for our clients, theme them to the corporate identity of the business (where services allow) and have a regular campaign of posting and cross-linking/referencing based around a prior agreed set of keywords/phrases/service.