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All your business needs to get a quality web presence

Web Design

Website Design: All our clients are allocated a web designer who”ll work with you from ‘blank page’ to live website to ensure that your website represents your brand, achieves your goals and conform to coding standards and search engine & mobile friendly principles.

Website and Email Hosting

Website & Email Hosting: We not only host websites we have designed and/or developed, but host website for many businesses and organisation from in and around Birmingham and the Midlands that rely on us to keep their business online.

Domain Name Registration

Domain Names: For websites and email accounts to function they must be associated with a domain name (, for example). We can register a wide range of UK and international domain names and can transfer-in your domain names from elsewhere so that we can provide a total service.

Web Development

Web Development: When clients have a specific web-based requirement that is not simply a website, such as a parcel tracking system or staff rota database, our team of developers can completely code a bespoke system from the ground up.

From our base in Birmingham we offer a total range of web services including many allied specialisms, such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital photography, that you will rarely find all ‘under one roof’.

Website Design & Hosting Services

Common thinking is that there are two things that will send potential customers away from a website: poor navigation/menu structure and dull design. As experienced website designers we aim to produce website designs that enable your potential clients to identify and navigate to the information they require in under three clicks of the mouse and make the site visually appealing so that it engages the interest of those arriving at the website from a search engine.

Add to that the issue that customers will be driven away from a website if it is slow, error-prone … or simply ‘down’ and there is much to consider when deciding upon your web presence, or in upgrading your existing services. Fortunately, we offer a complete service from domain name registration to website design, hosting and marketing!

Our experienced designers will listen to your requirements, study the web presence of you competitors, identify what your potential customers are looking for and produce a design to the latest specifications, practices and principles.

Once ready to launch, we operate web hosting in both Windows and Linux operating systems ensuring that regardless of the development language in which a website is written (ASP or PHP, for example), we can provide a fast, reliable, high specification hosting platform. All our hosting accounts come with email functionality too … everything you need to get up and running.

In addition to providing a complete range of online promotion, advertising and marketing services to business, allowing you to mix and match our wide-range of services as required, we are also scaleable … whether you are a sole trader or large corporate body, we have the solution for you and if you are the former wishing to grow into the latter, then we can grow your services as you go from basic hosting packages to full dedicated servers!